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Today, public and private companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 health care systems face a predicament. They all have difficulties in either affording or identifying experienced in-house counsel and instead must rely on law firms to exclusively manage their legal services. Having expert in-house legal professionals who are integral partners with your senior management team and provide proactive and timely advice is key to a business achieving its strategic plan as well as improving its bottom line.

Spectrum Health Partners (SHP) goal is to provide healthcare counsel on command either on an Interim General Counsel or Project Counsel basis. We have counsel that is experienced in the complexities of the ever changing healthcare industry and work collaboratively with Board of Directors, senior management as well as in-house or outside legal counsel in providing operational, regulatory and risk management analysis and corporate compliance guidance as well as strategic planning and governance guidance. As a result, SHP allows clients to become more proactive by enhancing the quality and responsiveness of the legal services it receives at a fraction of the cost.


INTERIM GENERAL COUNSEL SERVICES: For companies without a legal department or has an immediate need for a general counsel on a full or part time basis, SHP can provide attorneys with senior level in-house experience who are able to focus on the strategic management of a companies legal affairs.

  • Maximizing a company’s strategic business plan while minimizing its risk and provide expert and strategic advice to the Company’s Board of Directors and Senior Management Team.
  • Ensuring compliant business policies and procedures that support business objectives which are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Serving as a key advisor on all substantive transactions and provide guidance to management in achieving business objectives.
  • Managing litigation and regulatory investigations with senior executives and outside counsel, establish a legal strategy and recommend settlements.

PROJECT COUNSEL SERVICES: For companies that have a legal department, but have a temporary need for legal counsel to help manage workload or implement defined projects, SHP can provide legal and business expertise that cannot be matched by most temporary lawyers supplied by staffing agencies. SHP provides an affordable option to retaining outside counsel or hiring permanent staff.

  • Providing day to day operational counsel to directors, managers and clinical staff regarding health care legal matters.
  • Analyze and provide guidance regarding compliance with federal and state health care laws and regulations: Anti-Kickback, Stark, False Claims, CMP, HIPAA, ACGME, CON, ACA, ERISA, COBRA, EMTALA, COP, NPDB, EPA and EEO.
  • Negotiate and draft definitive agreements regarding acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, due diligence, real estate, provider and employment agreements.

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