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Consultant Call In Services by Spectrum Health PartnersSpectrum Health Partners (SHP) specializes in helping health systems/ hospitals that have experienced bond downgrades and covenant violations. Working to balance the interests of the organization and its lenders, SHP provides objective, independent advisory services to solve complex operational, financial and strategic issues. The objective of these engagements is to identify a path to improve financial performance and restore compliance with the bond covenants. We tailor our scope of services to each particular situation.


PHYSICIAN RELATIONS. Assess physician relations and the impact that physician behavior has on the organization’s financial performance.

QUALITY REVIEW. Compare quality measures with regional and national norms.

FINANCIAL REVIEW. Review the financial trends and evaluate the credibility and timeliness of financial reporting.

OPERATING PERFORMANCE. May include Revenue Cycle, Labor/Productivity, Non Labor (including supply chain) and Clinical Effectiveness (Case Management, Clinical Resource Management and Patient Throughput).

STRATEGIC SNAPSHOT. High level review of competitive market position, portfolio of services and the current strategic plan.

VIABILITY STUDY. High level evaluation of long-term viability which takes into account the strategic snapshot (see above), projected operating performance, balance sheet and projected capital needs and debt capacity (and may include evaluation of review of strategic partnership options).

GOVERNANCE AND ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. Review the organizational structure and identify opportunities to improve organizational efficiency and information flow (may include reviews of governance structure and/or management span of control).

The deliverable will typically include an EBIDA/Cashflow Improvement Plan and Financial Projections (including five-year pro forma balance sheet, income statement, statement of change in net assets, cash flow statement, that show the financial impact of improvements).

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