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Physicians are still at the center of clinical decision making in the health care arena. Administrators, financial professionals and revenue cycle leaders are incapable of ordering one test, drug, or procedure or even a hospital stay. Physicians still hold the expert array of knowledge experience licensing and legal responsibility to order the right diagnostics and treatments at the right time. But, that’s only one part of serving our communities healthcare needs.

Healthcare reform and the associated reimbursement strategies are shifting our focus away from fixing problems to preventing them and easing transitions back into a healthy life for our communities. This shift depends on a huge shift in cultutral, financial and operational perspectives. How do we incentivize physicians to do different things and do less of the things that have been the cornerstone of their financial success? How do we keep everyone whole or properly incentivized?

Hospitals are still the core of large complex healthcare systems because they are the nexus of capital, technical expertise, and the highest focus of multi-disciplinary techncal specialists. But, the concentration of these factors becomes looser every day. Building the right clinical specialist networks on a more nimble platform demands experience in both traditional management approaches and an open mind to new kinds of partnership. Spectrum Health Partners brings the expertise and the can-do attitude to work with leaders to create these relationships in an organic yet manageable fashion.


In many ways physicians have become the front door to health systems. Aligning, managing and optimizing this mission critical partner has become increasingly important to the overall success of the healthcare delivery mission. Spectrum Health Partners brings the strategies, plans and processes to drive maximum value for all market stakeholders. Our

services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical Staff Development planning and execution
  • Primary Care access and catchment strategies and execution
  • Urgent Care / Walk-in Clinic demand analysis, site selection, implementation, optimization and operations
  • Patient Access Center development, planning, strategies, execution and operations
  • Preventive Care / Population Health strategies and execution
  • Medical Group Quality rating improvement
  • Compensation systems alignment – multiple compensation methodologies
  • Rural Health Clinic planning and execution
  • Patient centric schedule optimization – call, click or come in
    • Online scheduling
    • Market standardized schedules
    • Block scheduling
    • Extended hours – nights and weekends
  • Staffing ratio analysis benchmarked to best practices
  • Physician peer productivity ranking and analysis
  • Succession planning to ensure long-term growth of medicl staff and market
  • Operational Reviews
  • EHR evaluation, recommendation and standardization
  • Physician Alignment and Growth initiatives
  • Strategic Planning
  • Patient Panel analysis, recommendations and stategies
  • Physician Relations
  • Managed Care negotiations

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