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Post Transaction Services by Spectrum Health PartnersThe business of healthcare management is becoming more challenging on a daily basis. Spectrum Health Partners (SHP) is well positioned to assist Boards, Legal Counsel, and Foundations  navigate the multitude of objectives that must be accomplished in a sale, wind down, or closure situation. Our experience in wind down, transition or closure results in a substantially higher recovery for our clients.

The scope of services that we can offer varies depending on the individual enterprises situation. We customize a plan that meets the needs of the client.


PROVIDE overall management of administrative components as necessary to maximize financial recovery and render efficient closure of the case, addressing critical functions as necessary such as accounting, business office, cash management, insurance, medical records, plant operations, and security.

PREPARE and maintain a detailed work plan of overall wind down project management activities to assess and monitor progress related to this  end.

EVALUATE the real assets and equipment, and execute related sales of such assets, with particular emphasis towards understanding alternate use and an enhanced market value in final sale.

MANAGE Accounts Receivable collection processes with the intention of maximizing total collectible value at lowest overall cost (including final cost reports settlements).

MONITOR and oversee all necessary points of regulatory compliance with respect to appropriateness of transition of medical delivery services and related record retention.

BE AVAILABLE to be deposed by other constituent’s counsel in the case if required.

BE AVAILABLE to testify in Bankruptcy Court if required.

FIRM OBSERVATIONS. We have seen millions of dollars left on the table by sellers. Spectrum’s Post Transaction Services typically generate a minimum of 3x ROI.

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