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Seth gained his core understanding of healthcare operations through the implementation of 45+ Decision Support Systems. The financial and modeling analysis from this early experience has provided the skills and experience to deliver meaningful insight in a wide variety of healthcare environments.



Seth holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Richmond where he graduated in three years focusing on his writing and communication skills. He also holds an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University where he completed 35+ course hours in Health Services Administration. He also completed 30 hours toward a Master of Accountancy at the Massey Graduate School of Belmont University in Nashville, TN. His speaking engagements include multiple State and National level HFMA and other organization conferences on subjects ranging from Service Line Management to Communicating Financial Information to Physicians to the Financial Aspects of IT Planning.


Community Based Hospitals
 Large Urban Safety Net
 Academic Medical Centers
 Operational adn Financial Aspects of Physician Practices
 Multi-facility Faith-based Organizations

Seth is a healthcare financial professional with over 30 years of experience in healthcare consulting and interim management based in Nashville, Tennessee. As a partner with a national consulting company, Seth’s track record in performance improvement engagements ranges from comprehensive turnarounds to projects focused on revenue cycle, physician realignment, organizational restructuring and labor productivity. His engagement list includes multiple large-scale operational improvement efforts, governance, and management assessment, labor management, organizational restructuring, shared services improvement, and departmental process redesign.

He has been a key utility player in a wide range of performance improvement initiatives from the strategic executive perspective to the hands-on analysis and management of operational issues.


  • A key contributor in over 30 restructuring and turnaround projects ranging from academic medical centers to rural critical access hospitals.
  • Financial lead for Bond Covenant study for investors encompassing strategic planning, revenue cycle, organizational structure, three-year pro forma development, supply chain assessment, patient flow-through, development of implementation plan, productivity benchmarking analysis. Identification of $27M of annual improvements. Managed implementation plan resulting in $15M improvement to bottom line in the first year.
  • As part of an 18-month turnaround management team, renegotiated all physician agreements for a large west coast teaching facility including a 100+ member group that provided a wide array of services including patient care, administration, and teaching support.
  • Restructured operational and financial staff as Chief Financial and Operations Officer for a 150+ hospital-based physician plan advancing physician strategies thru recruitment, and operational and financial improvement. Improved Revenue Cycle Operations expanding staff and facilities resulting in a 15% improvement to net revenue realization.


  • Developed and delivered a rapid approach to financial planning and analysis methodology providing service line analysis as well as detailed procedure level financial analysis in less than 6 weeks for a multifacility for-profit organization. Other analytical capabilities include physician profiling, payor contracting support, and a wide range of analyses usually available only after 6+ months of a decision support system implementation.
  • Worked with leaders across 4 regions to manage the five-year strategic (ISOFP) and operational plan for a $4B faith-based organization. As Interim Director of Strategic Finance, oversaw a $130+ million Capital Budget and oversaw financial aspects of all strategic initiatives.
  • As AVP of Budgeting and Financial Analysis, lead the planning and coordination of the Five-Year Strategic Operational and Financial Plan while tracking a comprehensive financial improvement plan for a Catholic safety net hospital in Washington, DC.


  • Developed a merger and new facility model for the merger of a 600+ bed facility with a smaller academic facility including the following key elements: New facility Costs; Mothballing of the old facility; Operational Costs; All current service lines; Expansion of certain services; Current best practice operating efficiencies between the two organizations; Estimation of Efficiencies from new facility; Return on Investment and Calculation of Breakeven point.
  • Performed rapid Strategic, Financial, and Operational due diligence on 12 West Coast for-profit facilities for a potential buyer. Financial analyses included in-depth valuations of Accounts Receivable and trending of operating performance over previous three-year period. Opinions on Executive Management of each facility were developed through interviews and consideration of the facility performance.
  • Developed a detailed Zero-Based Operating Expense Budget for 600-Bed replacement facility that incorporated best practice staffing guidelines identified through benchmarking research and relevant labor standards. Provided consultation on operational limitations and provided recommendations for effective implementation of staffing and other expenses at a West Coast Academic Safety-net facility
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