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Spectrum Health Partners (SHP) transactional experience in the healthcare field adds enormous value in the decision process at those key moments when the correct application of due diligence principles ultimately defines organizational success or failure. Whether SHP provides a turnkey due diligence solution to a proposed acquisition or supports an ongoing transaction through advisory services such as deal point negotiation or calculation of final net working capital settlement, our operational depth and financial understanding bring critical insights few firms will match.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the appropriate information to allow them to proceed renegotiate or restructure, or even to withdraw from a potential transaction. Spectrum Health Partners has the distinction of successfully completing transaction integration with no material adjustments to the Final Net Working Capital and never having a transaction result in arbitration or litigation. No other firm in America has this quality distinction.  Go for it!


STRATEGIC PLANNING: SHP will initiate strategic planning to define the best long-term alternative for your organization.

BOARD GUIDANCE: We can provide the Board with guidance to ensure your organization receives fair value for the entity.

PNWC AND FNWC CALCULATION: Our CPA’s have the expertise to calculate the Preliminary and Final Net Working Capital through settlement. To date, we have successfully completed this element of each transaction with no material adjustments, arbitration, or litigation.

INTEGRATION: With our experience gained by managing over 135 transactions, we are able to perform operational and financial integration of the acquisition.

ACQUISITION CANDIDATES: Our firm can assist with the identification and evaluation of merger or affiliation candidates.

CONTRACT REVIEW: Review contracts being assumed in the transaction to provide guidance to either the buyer or the seller.

OPENING BALANCE SHEET(S): Our CPA’s can develop the Opening Balance Sheet(s) for all entities acquired.

INTERNAL CONTROL REVIEWS: Perform Internal Control reviews especially in light of Sarbanes—Oxley legislation.

OPERATIONAL REVIEWS: Departmental and Management reviews to guide the buyers in their acquisitions.


How to get the deal done

Number of Successful Hospital Transactions Completed by State

State Hospitals Total Beds Physician Groups Included
Pennsylvania 16 2,370 yes
Texas 13 2,563 yes
Tennessee 11 1,500 yes
Indiana 10 301 yes
Arkansas 8 273 yes
Alabama 7 1,590 yes
Illinois 7 1,225 yes
California 4 759 no
Ohio 4 891 yes
New Mexico 3 485 yes
Oklahoma 3 518 yes
South Carolina 3 751 yes
West Virginia 3 387 yes
Arizona 2 444 yes
Louisiana 2 247 no
Mississippi 2 552 yes
Washington 2 511 yes
Others 8 1,198 no
Total 133 18,187
State Hospitals Total Beds Physician Groups Included

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