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Guiding Clients Toward Greater Operating Efficiency & Profitability

Spectrum Health Partners routinely works to improve operational and competitive competencies within healthcare organizations. Implementation of identified initiatives occurs collaboratively, emphasizing management participation, and is constantly mindful of organizational mission and priorities. By leveraging administrative and physician direction through steering committees and task forces, our Financial and Operational Assessments for Performance Improvement Model focuses on redesigning a patient care delivery model that is capable of maintaining and growing market share as it responds to the economic and reform-related pressures of our ever-changing healthcare environment.

Spectrum Health Partner’s access to levels of experience and competitive information allows us to add significant value through the development of customized operating metrics and benchmarking analyses. While most healthcare organizations struggle to operate against a changing backdrop of reimbursement, technology, and other external forces in flux, Spectrum Health Partners can help guide our clients toward greater efficiency.

Scope of Services

Spectrum Health Partners will assess your organization’s current strategic position and outline steps to strategically reposition it to achieve greater potential, through a comprehensive evaluation of service delivery, quality focus, physician management, technology, and capital.

Spectrum Health Partners has the necessary resources to evaluate and address physician development and kick off initiatives of an accretive nature to organizational profitability. Our multi-disciplinary focus on managing clinical and financial imperatives is a critical element to achieve operational success in these areas.

Many healthcare organizations are not able to allocate the time needed to appropriately review their policies and procedures, processes, charge description master, charge capture, technology utilization, and the overall revenue cycle. Spectrum Health Partner’s extensive review processes identify in detail those areas, which normally create net revenue improvements.

Our expertise in reviewing and refining labor productivity while at the same time assessing the non-salary portion of operations, has routinely led our clients to improved performance.

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