Planning, Guidance and Solutions for Healthcare Organizations Facing Difficult Decisions

In today’s challenging and dynamic environment, have you ever looked around your healthcare facility and wondered what problems or opportunities you’re just not seeing? Or you think a facility doesn’t have the volumes and revenue to continue and you need to quickly make decisions about its future?

Facility Repurposing, Wind Down and Closure services provided by the experienced healthcare executives at Spectrum Health Partners (SHP) have helped dozens of healthcare organizations rapidly reposition themselves to avoid disaster, or to close in a responsible manner for its stakeholders and community.

With their depth and breadth of experience, SHP experts are able to quickly assess and intensely manage complex situations to complete the multiple objectives that must be accomplished for an organization.

Clients commonly call Spectrum Health Partners when they need a roadmap developed in order to help them and their teams have better decision-making options regarding what future configurations should look like for their organization. The assigned SHP professional arrives, sizes up the situation, and determines what the local market can bear based on the demographics, utilization of services and the competitive landscape.

“The Spectrum team is often able to see things from a different viewpoint because we’re not enmeshed in the everyday operations and can separate the emotions from the facts. So we can see things with the blinders off,” said Cindy Segar-Miller, RN, FACHE, a Principal with Spectrum who specializes in Facility Repurposing, Wind Down and Closure services.

“Helping organizations define who they want to be and what is feasible prior to getting to a crisis state is something we’re very good at,” Cindy continued. “With our decades of experience, we’ve had exposure to seeing things done well, seeing things done poorly and everything in between. We know where the opportunity lies within a challenge.”

Cindy added that Spectrum Health Partners consultants are global thinkers who help clients develop the best possible outcomes rather than following a one-size-fits-all formula.

She explained that not all organizations that think they need to close a facility need to actually take that route. By working with SHP experts, organizations can restructure and repurpose an entity to better meet the needs of the communities it serves.

“I was recently brought in to provide several options for a facility that was struggling with issues related to accreditation, overall leadership stability, declining quality and financial performance among many other challenges,” Cindy said. “We were able to do a rapid assessment and we presented options, which helped the division and the local market leadership come to a conclusion about what the best course of action was. We ended up with a plan and outcome that preserved services of value and dissolved services that were no longer feasible for that market while concurrently improving quality and maintaining the facility’s mission.”

A key deliverable that SHP advisors bring is leading improvements in patient care practices and quality indicators in addition to the financial side of operations.

“We’ve had many clients who are amazed at how we’ve been able to concurrently improve things like ED throughput, publicly reported core measures, and star ratings while solving concurrently the original operational or leadership challenge that we’ve been brought to the table for,” Cindy said. “We make sure that patient safety and patient quality will not suffer but will be improved as a result of the process.”

Ken Doran, CPA, the President/CEO of Spectrum added, “With our vast network of C-Suite professionals, we can quickly assess the best long-term needs for a facility in a community. Some markets will support repurposing a facility while some markets cannot generate enough support for a facility to remain operational and cash flow positive. We always strive to create a win-win in a market.”

Four Characteristics of the Spectrum Health Partners Team:

  1. Seasoned Leadership. The experienced SHP consultants have seen things done in many different types of settings, whether rural, academic, large urban settings, or in smaller peripheral settings. The diversity, depth, and breadth of experience over time is a distinguisher for this elite group.
  2. Ownership Mindset. While some consultants give advice and then leave, the SHP advisors take an ownership approach to all of their assignments. SHP personnel are highly visible in their roles and put plans into place with the teams on the ground.
  3. The Spectrum executives are excellent communicators, able to relate to people at all levels, from the boardroom to the operating room.
  4. SHP executives unfailingly deliver the best possible results for clients, with an eye on the big picture – financial outcomes, quality metrics, as well as patient, physician, and employee satisfaction.

For more information about Facility Repurposing, Wind Down and Closure services provided by Spectrum Health Partners, interested parties may call (615) 778-4650 or complete SHP’s online contact form.  To connect directly with Cindy Segar-Miller, click here. To connect directly with Ken Doran, click here.

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