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Cindy Segar-Miller FACHE


As a Senior Healthcare Executive with experience in acute care hospital operations, best practice implementation, physician engagement and service line growth, Cindy has demonstrated an ability to create and execute breakthrough strategies that have revitalized and rapidly turned around small to mid-sized organizations struggling with clinical, quality and/or financial performance. She has demonstrated success in delivering substantial improvements across a balanced scorecard; exhibits solid business acumen and understands the value of relationships built with leaders, physicians and payers. Healthgrades, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The Joint Commission have recognized her work and she has recruited high-performing teams achieving record improvements in patient satisfaction at every organization she has led. Cindy is a transitional and transformational leader that can harness the power of mission and vision to produce operational results. As a nurse, Cindy understands that models of care affect financial viability and as an operator, appreciates the rigor and discipline required to create and sustain change that produces a positive bottom line.

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Turnaround Management • Interim and Crisis Management • Operations Management • Physician Alignment • Performance Improvement • Patient Experience • Acute Healthcare – Not-for-Profit and For-Profit, Union and Non-Union • For-Profit Specialty Hospitals

Prior Experience

Cindy began her career as an RN moving into progressive executive leadership roles in acute care hospitals including CEO, COO and CNO where she established a proven track record of financial turnarounds, quality transformations and record improvements in patient experience.


  • Growth Driver skilled at developing and launching profitable service lines, including cardiology, general and vascular surgery, nephrology, hematology and oncology.
  • Served as COO for 198-bed acute care hospital that introduced high-margin procedures in cardiology, electrophysiology and vascular service lines, generating 10% volume growth. Re-instituted neurosurgery program to decrease out-migration. Created system-wide mammography screening event, generating 1,200+ outpatient procedures.
  • Built a $3.5M vascular program from the ground up. Recruited vascular surgeon and shepherded $2.4M construction of multi-purpose cardiovascular interventional suite, generating 800+ incremental procedures within the first year of launch at 101-bed acute care hospital.
  • Successfully stabilized medical staff, employee and community relations during the sale of 2 acute care hospitals.
  • Successfully managed multiple hospital renovations, infrastructure and construction projects including Emergency Department and ICU redesign initiatives all under budget and on time.
  • Project CEO that reduced total operating expenses by 8.2% in 3 months after intensive operations and contract review. Implemented cost-saving opportunities to align expenses with demand during the sale of a 140- bed acute care hospital.
  • Developed ACEOs and ACNOs for promotion and coached department leaders to move into regional support roles. Established and successfully implemented Board of Trustee and physician annual regulatory education programs.
  • Change Agent who rapidly revitalized five hospitals and consistently delivered double and triple-digit margin percentage improvements through rigorous operations management, physician alignment, financial discipline and quality enhancement.
  • Achieved $5.9M in EBITDA in one year at a 76-bed acute care rural hospital. Negotiated favorable professional service contracts and achieved employee, physician and community buy-in regarding service offering changes. Delivered 28% increase in total outpatient volume over three years and eliminated RN turnover which had been at 57%.
  • Improved EBITDA by 26% at a 101-bed acute care hospital. Expanded general surgery and inpatient medicine service lines, introduced three new specialties (vascular surgery, pain management and OB/GYN) and recruited 21 physicians over two years. Increased average daily census by 23.5%.
  • ED Improvement Expert recognized for decreasing average patient/physician encounter times at six hospitals; reduced ED physician wait-to-be-seen time from 42.5 minutes to 16 minutes at a 76-bed acute care hospital, improved ED throughput, effort decreased average patient encounter time by an hour (2:44 to 1:44) at a 47-bed acute care hospital. At a 199-bed hospital, improved length of stay median admitted patients from 573 to 351 minutes, discharged patients from 171 to 139 minutes and ESI 4/5 length of stay from 110-89 minutes.
  • Patient Satisfaction Champion successful in achieving record double-digit percentile ranking gains in HCAHPS scores at six acute care hospital facilities, exceeding state and national averages. Improved patient satisfaction Willingness to Recommend from 78% to 100% in 6 months scoring above the national and regional averages in all categories at a 32-bed LTACH.
  • Reduced Mortality Rate from 22% to 10% by implementing research-based sepsis protocols, developed Ventilator Weaning Protocols to improve wean rate from 52% to 92% and decreased short-term acute care transfers out by 25% by improving RN competencies to include critical care drips/sedation resulting in CMI increasing from 1.21 to 1.55 at a 32-bed LTACH. Reduced readmission rate and moved hospital from a 2 to 4 str CMS rating during the sale of a 76-bed acute care rural hospital.
  • Physician Recruitment Specialist who knows the playbook for attracting clinicians from competitor facilities and leading medical schools, as well as gaining incremental volumes by recruiting splitter physicians.
  • Recruited physicians in primary care and five specialties at 198-bed acute care hospital. Acquired respected 12-physician cardiology group and an outpatient radiology center, lowering subsidy by $2M annually. Redefined Graduate Medical Education Program relationships by renegotiating contract and leases. Attained margin improvement of $500K annually.
  • Recruited 12+ primary care and specialty physicians at a 47-bed acute care hospital from competitor hospitals, through J1 Visa programs and national searches. Brought in general surgeon who developed comprehensive vascular surgery program, reducing surgical transfers from ED to competitor facilities by 85% in first year.
  • Negotiated multiple hospital/physician buy/sell agreements including joint ventures

Education & Affiliations

  • Master of Science, Health Services Management & Policy, New School University
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies, Community & Human Services, Empire State College
  • Associate of Applied Nursing, Sullivan County Community College
  • New York State Licensed Professional Registered Nurse
  • Pennsylvania State Registered Nurse
  • California State Registered Nurse
  • New Jersey State Registered Nurse
  • Idaho State Registered Nurse
  • American College of Healthcare Executives Fellow


“It is my pleasure to recommend Cindy Segar-Miller as a consultant. I had the the most positive experience with Cindy during the past seven months when she helped us with the monumental task of attaining accreditation for our ambulatory surgery center (ASC). I experienced her impressive knowledge, strong work ethic, problem-solving skills, and her attention to the important minute details of policy and procedures required to run an ASC.

Cindy provided positive, constructive guidance at every step. Her input was most constructive towards the needed changes and preparation required for our accreditation with ACHC. We have continued with her guidance as we move on to our day-to-day work at our center.”

Manglam Narayanan, M.D.
Board of Trustees Member
Same Day Procedures, LLC
Clifton, NJ

“Cindy was sent to our facility in July of 2021 to improve facility performance as well as create alignment with our parent health system’s corporate initiatives. Cindy has been a world-class resource for our department. She was able to identify the needs of our program and rapidly create a culture that respects patient safety as well as quality.

During her time with the Emergency Department, Cindy was able to implement many initiatives to create meaningful and lasting change. Her work included the formation of a multidisciplinary throughput huddle, she improved the staffing skill mix of the department, successfully managed several regulatory surveys, and guided structured process improvement work using a RACI matrix.

Cindy approached each of her initiatives with intense focus and created an environment that made the team accountable for rapid change. Any project that Cindy led had clear goals and a pathway to success.

One project that, historically, has been a challenge to implement at our hospital was the implementation of an Emergency Department Over Capacity Plan. Cindy was able to create a standardized communication tool with a whole-facility response to the ED to ensure the right support was available when needed. Cindy’s work directly made for a safer environment during our winter COVID surge.

In addition to her business acumen, I have enjoyed working with Cindy on a personal level. It is easy to see when working with Cindy that she is just as dedicated to her family as she is to her work.

I would recommend Cindy without reservation for any business that needs swift and purposeful change. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this outstanding leader and consultant.”

Chair of Emergency Medicine
352-Bed General Medical and Surgical Center

“Thank you for all you have done to support the team, Cindy! We are beyond grateful for your service and look forward to working with you on future projects!”

Market Chief Nurse and Chief Quality Officer
352-Bed General Medical and Surgical Center

“Cindy took a fairly dysfunctional unit and led a remarkable turnaround in a short period of time. She created protocols, added new hires, and added specialty services, all of which greatly increased both quality of care and patient satisfaction. It was nothing short of impressive to see the entire cultural change that she created from top to bottom, and I was very impressed. It was a shame to see her move on, but she left a unit behind that is safer, more efficient, and of higher quality. I would recommend Cindy without hesitation for any leadership role.”

“Cindy is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with all physicians, executives and employees. Her communication skills along with her wealth of knowledge and expertise in capital improvement have enabled her to enhance operations here at Regional Hospital of Scranton. It was a pleasure working with her on all capital projects. She would be a tremendous asset for any company and has my highest recommendation.”

“While working with Cindy during renovation projects at Regional Hospital of Scranton she adeptly navigated challenging and difficult construction-related issues that involved different team members with competing interests. Her focus remained on the long-term success of the facility, yet she looked for solutions that would benefit all involved. Cindy quickly gains the trust and confidence of both peers and subordinates with her approachable and positive demeanor, backed by the competence and confidence gained through her experience. She recognizes and acknowledges the competencies of others, allowing her to play to their strengths to promote the overall success of any project or initiative she endeavors.”

“Cindy is motivated, organized and energetic. She has insight and foresight in multiple areas in healthcare. While she is in the executive suite, she still maintains her connections to the clinical areas and promotes open communication and cooperation. It was a pleasure to be part of her team.”   

“While serving on several committees alongside Cindy, I witnessed firsthand her ability to engage teams and solve problems. It was refreshing to see a senior executive genuinely interested in not only the daily operations of the business, but also in how these operations affected the people carrying them out.” 

“Cindy is a strategic thinker who knows how to get people moving in the same direction to achieve results! Her persistence and perseverance to reach a goal are second to none.” 

“It was great to be able to work with you over these last 18 months. You demonstrated amazing leadership skills to be able to assess and manage the DMC transition. Thank you for all your support with the medical group. You will be missed!”

“I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks – both for what you’ve done for our market and to support the best possible transition of DMC that we could have asked for, and for your support of me. I’ve appreciated your leadership, your mentorship, your willingness to listen and offering solutions and ideas. You will be missed, and I wish you all the best in your future assignments. Thank you for being a part of our team and family these past months.”

“Cindy- Thank you for your never-ending optimism and leadership throughout this difficult transition with DePaul. I wish you much success in your future!”

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and watch you lead the transition of DePaul, a beloved hospital in our community. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and the compassion and leadership you demonstrated along the journey. Wishing you much success in your next endeavor!”

Subject: A Fond Farewell and Thank you!

Dear Team,
Please join me in wishing Cindy Segar-Miller a fond farewell and a thank you for her 18 months of leadership and service at DePaul Medical Center. Cindy joined us at a time when DePaul was struggling with issues related to accreditation, overall leadership stability, declining quality, and financial performance among many other challenges. With her leadership, the team was able to deftly navigate these challenges and identify a path that would lead to long-term stability and the consolidation of DePaul and Maryview. I am very thankful for her leadership during this time and appreciate her many talents and gifts. As Cindy’s engagement comes to a close, I hope each of you will offer a prayer for her continued success and leadership at Spectrum. I pray she will continue to bring her talent and experience to benefit all of her future clients and the communities they serve! Best Wishes to our friend and colleague, Cindy!

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