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John Winenger MBA, FACHE


John has more than 30 years of experience as a CEO, director, project manager and strategist for healthcare organizations including hospitals, health systems and physician groups. He recently has been a healthcare consultant, serving as a principal strategist and interim executive.


Turnaround & Restructuring • Physician Practice Management • Performance Improvement • Transaction Advisory Services • Interim and Crisis Management


John specializes in reducing costs and improving performance at distressed institutions as well as recruiting, mentoring and building high-performance teams focused on continuous quality improvement.

Education & Affiliations

John earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Healthcare Administration from Indiana University, and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis. He continued his education by attaining a license as a Comprehensive Health Facility Administrator, State of Indiana, and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from the Purdue University School of Engineering.


“John is an experienced healthcare executive with very good knowledge of hospital operations and physician practice management. Having known John for many years, I recommend his skills to those looking for a results-oriented manager.”

“John is as solid as they come. A CEO with a plan and purpose. I documented his career and can say firsthand he is one of the top Hospital Executives I have met. He is fair, honest, sincere, and dedicated to his profession. Whether you are looking for a permanent or interim role, you won’t be sorry you engaged John.”

“John is an excellent strategic and operational thought leader with a passion for developing relationships. John provides unique insights and skill sets to any healthcare team.”

“John is an excellent health care executive. I have worked with John since November 1998. He has done a great job in hospital administration, operations, finance, and physician practice management.”

“I had the opportunity to work with John in the St. Vincent Health System. John is very skilled in quickly and thoroughly assessing operations, creating a strategy for moving forward, and implementing practices that are truly transformational. He has the ability to define current reality and describe the rationale for actions required to make teams within organizations successful. Whether he is addressing an associate forum to provide updates, leading an executive team in strategic planning, or guiding a governing board through complex business plans, he is an authentic leader who is consistently focused on guiding people and processes together to get results.”

“I have known John for 15+ years in a professional capacity as a colleague with St. Vincent Health and in my role as President of the Indiana Rural Health Association. I have found him to be a highly energetic professional with an in-depth knowledge base of healthcare operations, strategic planning, and business case development. He is detail-oriented. John identifies and analyzes problems quickly, and develops effective, accountable action plans. I would not hesitate to utilize John for any assignments.”

“I worked with John for a number of years while we both worked at St. Vincent Health in Indiana. I observed John as a competent operator with strong strategic skills. He added value on initiatives involving working across a complex health system to meet operational objectives. His physician relations and peer relationship skills were strong. John is a quality, values-based leader who has a breadth of experience from working with large hospital systems to critical access facilities.”

“John is an expert in the healthcare field and can take a broken system and get it fixed in short order. He isn’t afraid of making tough decisions and does it in a humane, thoughtful way. John is also a family man. . . a good dad, husband, and brother and as he does in the business world, can apply tough love when necessary. John comes at any obstacle with perseverance, initiative, and relentless pursuit of solving problems and making things better for all involved. He’s a good guy that will give you 110% every time and leave every situation he encounters in better shape than it was when he found it.”

“John is a talented and experienced healthcare executive and a respected and valued colleague. It was my pleasure to serve directly with him in central Indiana, and as a result I know first-hand the value John adds to every organization with whom he serves.”

“I worked with Mr. Winenger a few years ago when we were both connected with St Vincent Health. Mr. Winenger is a fair, honest man who is willing to work through issues together to obtain a reasonable solution for all parties. He is a man of integrity. The health profession could use more men like Mr. Winenger.”

“John is a focused, results-proven leader. He is able to make tough decisions while being flexible enough to view the entire situation. He is organized, thorough and consistent.”

“I have worked with John in two different settings. He has held several positions in health care, is very health care knowledgeable, a hard worker and always professional in his dealings with others. His expertise and “can do” attitude would be an asset to almost any organization. In both instances where I have worked with John, he has added to the organization’s success.”

“I have known John for many years. He is someone that always has an insightful perspective on a particular challenge, especially in the health care field, that I might be encountering. I trust he will always have an angle that I may not have thought of. He is a true professional.”

“I have known John Winenger most of my life and, therefore, feel uniquely qualified to say that he is one of the most intelligent, discerning, and compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure to call my friend. As an IT professional who has spent considerable time in both board rooms and classrooms, I recognize that John possesses an instinctive skill for problem-solving and troubleshooting. His soft-spoken but driven manner enables him to be highly effective as both an instructor in a classroom and as an executive who has been tasked with the most challenging of problems. His natural compassion and empathy make him a much sought-after teammate and comrade.”

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