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Mark Gorman


Mark is a seasoned healthcare executive with significant depth and breadth over his 28 year career. His background includes hospital ownership, executive physician practice service operations, outsourced revenue cycle company owner/operator, hospital board member, buy/sell negotiations on transactions, private debt raising, venture capital and bank financing. Mark has significant experience leading large multistate operations with teams as large as 4,500 members,

For the past 20 years Mark has lead hospital operations. These operations range from rural hospitals to large integrated delivery networks. He has served as the leader of a 4,500 physician practice services team and interim CEO/CFO roles. Additionally, he has led the successful recruitment of replacement CEO’s & CFO’s. Mark has a proven track record strengthening working relationships with medical staff to improve financial and quality outcomes.

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Physician Practice Services • Due Diligence Reviews • Turnaround Management • Crisis Management • Interim Management • Operations Management • Revenue Cycle • Acute Healthcare – For-Profit • Physician Practice Services • Revenue Cycle

Prior Experience

A seasoned healthcare executive with over 28 years of experience with a proven track record working with medical staffs to improve financial and quality outcomes.


  • Negotiated multiple hospital/physician buy/sell agreements, (asset and stock deals)
  • 10+ years hospital board experience with physician syndicated hospitals
  • Lead financing and multiple recapitalizations of physician syndicated hospitals
  • VP with 2 fortune 500 hospital companies (8 years), owner & board member of high margin independent rural hospitals (12 years)
  • On boarded >1000 physicians to centralized Patient Access Centers while improving visit volumes >10% and improving the customer experience
  • Increased Medical Group quality ratings from 2 star to 4 star ratings while increasing physician satisfaction and increasing profitability
  • Converted 25+ Physician Practices to RHCs – increasing access and improving profitability
  • Initiated Preventive Medicine – increasing the population health, patient satisfaction, practice profitability, hospital volume and patient access
  • Integrated large and small medical groups into consolidated market-centric groups while increasing quality though network retention.
  • Lead restructuring efforts of hospitals and medical groups to increase efficiency while reducing non-patient care expenses
  • Standardized physician compensation systems to better align stakeholder incentives
  • Standardized and streamlined physician recruiting reducing expense and time to contract/LOI – increased the visit to new physician close percentage
  • Developed and implemented market-based strategies and plans related to consumerism and patient access
  • VP Operations, VP Sales and Partner in startup Hospital Revenue Cycle Outsourcing pioneer that grew to a multi-state 500+ associate company that we sold to a public company
  • Partnered with a Fortune 500 company to start their Medicare Service Center (centralizing all Medicare billing and collections) utilizing our office, hardware, processes and software
  • Proven track record of reducing bad debts, increasing revenue capture and reducing days in A/R while reducing cost to collect
  • First in country to outsource entire hospital business office that resulted in increased cash flows. Days in A/R reduced to 40 from 90+, bad debt reduced from 10% to 4%, administrative cost to collect reduced from 3% of NR to <2% of NR
  • Consulting for fortune 500 hospital company – provided specific recommendations and plan for consolidation of all billing & collection functions into regional centralized centers

Education & Affiliations

BS Finance Eastern Illinois University


Mark (Gorman) is a big picture thinker and progressive visionary. He has a sincere desire for success, not only for himself but for his team, colleagues, and organization. He is willing to invest in the people around him and has always had an open-door policy. Mark is a team player, a leader, and above all, a mentor. The professional growth I gained under Mark’s direction will no doubt have a lifelong impact.”

“Every leader has the opportunity to teach us more about who we do or do not want to be as a leader. I had the great privilege of reporting to Mark (Gorman) during his time with Community Health Systems and we remain close. Mark’s mentorship was an exemplary illustration of excellence in every measure. Mark’s greatest strengths include finance, operations, analytics, aligning strategic goals with executable action plans, and team development. His business acumen and inspirational leadership have been unmatched in my progressive 16-year healthcare career.”

“You would be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded leader than Mark Gorman! I had the pleasure of working under Mark during his time at Community Health Systems. I was consistently amazed by Mark’s wealth of knowledge and ability to effectively lead large teams across multiple states. Even being an hour-and-a-half away, Mark was always available to offer his expertise and assistance when needed. I left each meeting motivated and better prepared to accomplish the task at hand. He has challenged me to learn and grow my career and has helped me immensely along the way. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Mark Gorman for any company seeking a terrific leader.”

“Most of us who are fortunate enough to have long, successful careers can count on one hand the people whom we are most indebted for our success. Mark Gorman is one of those people for me.

For the years that I worked for Mark in Physician Practice Administration, the one constant I could count on was Mark’s support and guidance. No matter how seemingly intractable the issue, Mark meets it head-on with a brilliant solution.

Among the many attributes, I have tried to mimic over the years is Mark’s way of communicating with stakeholders from every level. I have watched in awe as Mark has patiently and brilliantly brought others around to his ideas. He always models for those around him how a caring professional approaches issues and concerns.

Though Mark and I spent our years together several states apart, it never felt that way. He makes himself available and is proactive in reaching out and touching base. Mark’s leadership style engenders fierce loyalty and commitment on the part of his subordinates, and it’s a style that I – and many others – appreciate and work to imitate with our own teams.”

“I was fortunate to work under the leadership of Mark Gorman for several years. He is a person of integrity, follows through on commitments, and is the absolute definition of servant leadership. Mark was always interested in my professional development and took time to understand my position and my market. Such a motivator! And not easily rattled. We grew so much as a hospital system under his direction.

Mark has an incredible ability to develop lasting relationships with providers and those who have worked with him. Two years later and my doctors and employees still ask about him. Some still go on the occasional fishing trip with him.

Mark earns my greatest recommendation for anyone who is fortunate enough to work with him.”

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