Seven Benefits of Spectrum Interim Leadership Services

Leadership – noun

  1. The position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group.
  2. Ability to lead.
  3. An act or instance of leading, providing guidance and direction.

Having the right leader in the right place at the right time can make all the difference between success or failure. The character, experience, wisdom, words, decisions and actions of a leader set the tone and the activities of a department, an organization or an enterprise.

When a crucial leadership position has an empty chair, organizations are vulnerable. Gaps in leadership can lead to bad things happening and missed opportunities. This is especially true in the healthcare field, which has been at the center of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interim Leadership services by Spectrum Health Partners (SHP) are a way for healthcare organizations to flip an uncertain position into one of strength.

Spectrum’s bench of leaders each has 25 or more years of experience in the crucial roles of CEO, COO, CFO, CNO, CRO, as well as heads of departments, managers and specialists. These executives have the savvy and know-how to walk into any situation and be effective on day one of an assignment.

“We tend to be called in when there’s a very quick and abrupt transition and an organization hasn’t been able to get that next person in place right away,” said Mark Gorman, a Principal at Spectrum who specializes in Interim Leadership services “We help keep things moving in the right direction until that full-time leader is found. It simply goes back to old school experience. The men and women on our team are seasoned, they’re vetted and they’re solid.”

Here are Seven Benefits of utilizing interim leaders from Spectrum Health Partners:

  1. Plug and Play. Seasoned SHP personnel have seen, done and lived through 90% of the situations they encounter. They have established ties within the healthcare industry. There will be different people, facts and nuances at each place, but SHP interim leaders quickly size up the situation and take charge. They don’t require days or weeks to get acclimated or “learn the ropes.”
  2. Immediate Availability. When a client calls with a need, Spectrum places the right person with the right skill set on the job within a few days of the initial request.
  3. Customized Appointments. Contracts are made based on the particular needs and timelines of clients. Spectrum also offers a 30-day “out” clause.
  4. The Spectrum personnel look for ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses. The quality of their experts, their reasonable fees and an improved organizational bottom line for clients puts SHP services on top in terms of value for the cost.
  5. A Fresh Set of Eyes. Spectrum leaders bring a new perspective to an organization’s operations and processes. Spectrum experts know what to look for and move to correct weaknesses and inefficiencies, provide training to the existing staff, and present new opportunities that might have been overlooked.
  6. Time to Find a Permanent Leader. With a steady hand guiding the department or organization, search committees can take the time they need to look for, vet, interview and consider the best potential candidates for the permanent position. There is less urgency to fill the job with someone who may not be ideal – allowing more flexibility in the search process.
  7. Track Record of Excellence. Spectrum has 15 years of serving clients, and its team has collective managerial experience that spans more than 200 different healthcare organizations. Client testimonials affirm the expertise and performance of Spectrum’s personnel.

To learn more about Interim and Crisis Management services, call (615) 778-4650 or connect directly with Mark Gorman by clicking here.

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