SHP Partner Will Moore on 15 years of Delivering Results and Value to Clients

Boutique healthcare consulting firm, Spectrum Health Partners (SHP), was founded in 2006 by Ken Doran, CPA, and Will Moore, CPA, CIRA, FHFMA, who are the owners and partners of the firm. But that’s not the whole story.

The two seasoned healthcare executives were collaborating and forming businesses together since 2002. After several trials and errors, they finally hit upon the right business model.

“Ken and I tried out different incarnations of corporate structures,” Will said. “Spectrum Health Partners was the third pass of the various companies we put together. It has worked out to be a successful firm.”

He explained that they developed SHP with “a worker orientation,” meaning a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground approach to their work.

“When Ken and I started Spectrum, we went back to the basics, back to the fundamentals, to build on,” Will explained. “A lot of what we do now from a service standpoint has similarities to what we did early on, although we’ve branched out to a broader range of services offered. We’re actively involved with the engagements. We walk around the facility, talk to people in the organization, make observations and crunch numbers. If you’re not close to what’s happening out there, you can’t fully know what’s going on.”

Another bedrock standard at SHP is unblinking focus on accuracy, execution, and quality. “Clients want consultants who can get things done and solve complex problems,” Will said. “I always try to consider, ‘Where do we add value?’ and ‘What can I help initiate that will stick and carry forward for the client?’”

He said it’s common for clients to offer Spectrum consultants a permanent job. “It’s always a good sign when the client is trying to hire you permanently. We’re offered the job a lot.”

“For a lot of consultants, myself included, we enjoy different environments where you see a lot of different things and are constantly learning new things,” Will explained. “We have opportunities to expand our knowledge base more quickly from the consulting side. That makes us great advisors, because we have such a wealth of contacts, experiences, and knowledge inside the healthcare industry. We’re able to quickly assess situations, develop plans, gain consensus, and take action.”

According to Will, SHP consultants play pivotal roles in driving initiatives that directly impact an organization’s ability to remain in business.

“A lot of the problems may literally be survival issues for an organization and whether they’re going to last long-term,” he said. “Organizations don’t automatically look at it that way. I have to put it into appropriate perspective for them if things are bad enough.”

“Much of what drives work in the arena of bankruptcy and turnaround is the creditor market – they have the legal ability to force changes when underperformance against established covenants occur,” he said. “Given their druthers, many organizations will simply sit and do nothing while things deteriorate materially. That’s when the outside perspective that we provide is badly needed.”

Will believes in communicating in an unambiguous and direct manner. “It’s important to clearly state your agenda and get people to understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and hopefully, rally behind the plan. You don’t walk in and suddenly cut a third of the labor force. If you do have to cut a third of the labor force, everybody needs to understand why – what the impact is, and why, on a benchmarking basis, the decision is appropriate. When people understand the changes they see, they don’t fear it as much. If you can combat that aspect, things will operate much more smoothly.”

With more than 35 years of experience as a senior executive in both the not-for-profit and for-profit hospital sectors, as well as serving with top consulting firms, Will has seen firsthand the rapid changes affecting the industry. “The healthcare business has become more complicated and difficult. It takes a lot of effort to accomplish goals.”

He said leaders today must have the ability to do granular analytical work as well as the strategic oversight role. “We have to be capable of moving in either direction, to manage up or down, depending on the number of staff or the infrastructure that we walk into. I see that all the time now – when I walk in, I have to assess what resources I have, where I need to focus my efforts, and how to get things done.”

Will considers himself a “generalist,” with broad experience across all the Spectrum service lines. His particular niches are in Strategic Planning, Revenue Cycle Management Services, Change Management, Bankruptcy, Turnaround and Restructuring, Transaction Support, and Interim Leadership.

Will Moore’s profile can be found here, and he can be emailed at [email protected]

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