Transaction Advisory Services with Spectrum Health Partners

Like people, organizations go through different chapters in their lives. There’s the exciting beginning and growth phases, periods of turbulence and uncertainty, a stability and maturity cycle, and times of decline and distress.

Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) provided by the experts at Spectrum Health Partners are specially designed to assist healthcare organizations through times of major change – whether it involves Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures; Facility Repurposing, Wind Down and Closure; or Bankruptcy, Turnaround and Restructuring. All of these actions are extremely important to an organization, its people and the community – and having the right consultants can make all the difference.

Spectrum’s operational depth and financial expertise has resulted in more than 220 hospital transactions completed with zero material adjustments to the final networking capital settlement and none of the transactions requiring litigation.

The experienced Spectrum team listens to what their clients want and develops custom strategic plans to help achieve their goals. The Spectrum people walk into a negotiation in a rare position – they’ve been on both sides of the table and have anticipated and prepared for all possible scenarios. They’re the “dream team” of healthcare consulting.

Ken Doran, CPA, the President/CEO of Spectrum added, “Nothing against youth and inexperience, but you get a lot more out of somebody who has 25 years of top leadership experience and has actually been in hospital operations versus someone who is fresh out of college and still learning. In 15 years, we have completed over 220 transactions involving more than 300 hospitals without a material adjustment to the final net working capital.”

“With our experience level, we’ve done hundreds of transactions,” said Mark Hartman, CPA, FHFMA, a Partner at Spectrum. “We have experience that very few, if any, other firms in the country or in the world have available to bring in. All we do is health care. That’s our focus. We have specialized experience that nobody else can bring to the table – and that goes across the board for all of our services.”

Six Advantages of working with Spectrum Health Partners:

  1. Expertise. The experienced SHP consultants – with an average of 25 years in their field – know exactly what is needed and how to do it. They bring a vast array of capabilities to the project.
  2. Proactive. Rather than being surprised and reactive, the Spectrum experts respond methodically and carefully to situations, determining if something can be improved upon or if it may be leveraged to yield concessions in the deal-making process.
  3. Trustworthy. Spectrum personnel strive to gain the trust and confidence of all the involved parties by being a transparent, reliable, consistent partner during transactions.
  4. Solid Numbers. Spectrum establishes the opening balance sheets for clients and calculates the preliminary, the final net working capital and the settlement between two parties based on due diligence and accuracy so there are no disputes.
  5. Return on Investment. Spectrum TAS consultants typically orchestrate over a four-fold return for their clients.
  6. Relationships. The Spectrum people know that reputation is something built over a lifetime, and relationships with others are the bedrock of business and society. No matter how impactful technology has been, Spectrum Health Partners knows that the personal touch is still how the most important things get done.

For more information about Transaction Advisory Services with Spectrum Health Partners, interested parties may call (615) 778-4650 or complete SHP’s online contact form.  To connect directly with Ken Doran, click here. To connect directly with Mark Hartman, click here.

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